I am very happy that Xoogle.cz has gained fans in a few months. It offers free results from Google search engine without any user tracking and annoying ads. But some users ask why actually the search engine doesn’t work in TOR Browser used for anonymization. The reason is simple, namely a higher level of hosting security.

Note on the article:

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Let’s get to the statement…

We can be glad that there is no war in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Not only brave soldiers fighting for the freedom of their homeland are dying every day on the territory of Ukraine, but unfortunately civilians are also dying… The war is also going on in cyberspace, and this also applies to my websites. I have been known to condemn the invasion of Ukraine by terrorist Russia. Every day my websites, emails and other accounts are attacked mostly by IP addresses from Russia. Slowloris, DDoS and dubious phishing attacks are the most common. I have received a few threats from Russians on Telegram and attempts to slip me malware. The various attachments received have a clear link to Russia after closer inspection in sandboxes and Linux.

What do I mean?

Because of the very frequent attacks since the invasion of Ukraine, it was necessary to start protecting ourselves more. Many Czech hosts have implemented various security improvements and blocked all IP addresses of Onion (TOR Browser). The list of addresses is freely available on the Internet. Because TOR is free, it is widely abused by hackers and various scammers.

For a long time, I considered running a version of the search engine that would also work in TOR Browser and with all VPN services. But nothing is free and I would have to put my own money into this version. Another problem is just security. The search engine would soon become the target of attacks, it could crash regularly and I would have to deal with other problems that arise…

But what if I want to use Xoogle with anonymization tools?

Unlike other search engines, Xoogle.cz is truly anonymous. I don’t know myself how many people actually use it on a daily basis. There is no analytical tool in the service. There is no registration required, your searches are not stored anywhere, and no IP addresses are stored. Anonymisation is therefore not necessary, but of course you are linked from the search engine to other sites in the results where it may be otherwise. If you want to use Xoogle.com with anonymization VPN services and various blockers, you can use a good VPN service. I use Xoogle.com daily with ExpressVPN. You can try it out at this link for 30 days for free.

Thank you all for using and liking Xoogle.cz. Thank you also for your understanding…

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